The Glitter Band were without doubt one of the most popular and influential exponents of the 1970’s Glam Rock phenomena. Formed by John Rossall in 1972 from the embers of the highly successful Boston International, the Glitter Band released their debut single “Angel Face” on Bell Records in April 1974, reaching number 4 in the UK Charts. Further singles followed with “Just For You” (number 10) and “Let’s Get Together Again” (number 8) the same year, leading to the release of “Hey!”, the definitive Glitter Band and Glam Rock album. The band’s biggest hit, “Goodbye My Love” made the UK number 2 position early in 1975. All of these huge Glitter Band hits are John Rossall compositions.

Leaving the band for a Solo career in 1975, John Rossall released a number of solo singles before relocating to Sweden, where he enjoyed considerable success. Returning to the UK in the early 90s with a new band line up, John quickly established himself as a major attraction on the European revival circuit and has toured continually ever since, performing alongside some of the biggest names of the Glam Rock era.

In October 2020, John Rossall released a brand new studio album 'The Last Glam In Town' featuring a collection of brand new Glitter songs written and recorded in collaboration with peers and colleagues from the world of Glam Rock including Alan Merrill, famed frontman of The Arrows and writer of one of the world's most successful songs 'I Love Rock & Roll', and Hello frontman and lead vocalist Bob Bradbury ('Tell Him', 'New York Groove'), both of whom wrote and recorded stellar contributions. 'The Last Glam In Town' has been a huge success, producing no less than 3 independent chart number one singles, most recently 'Lets Get Together Again (Again)', a 21st century revisit of the 1974 hit Glitterband single.

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